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Guys i'm dropping the Slayer from my name [RoM]Slayer due to some stuff

first of all there is the mighty puncher slayr who asked me to change my name the very first day that i joined because of 2 slayers. it has nothing to do with his question though i don't even listen to what he says(no no nooooo don't punch !amazed <=what a weird looking emotion lol)
and also i have been asked to move my rom tag to the back of my name which might seem like i'm from romania or smt and i'm using that name for 7 years so i didn't wanted to do that.
3rd one is that most of you guys call me rom during the game play so why not just call it RoM then

TO SUM UP: =(e)=[RoM]Slayer is now =(eG)=RoM
I have [Toothpaste] at the front of my name, but it's not a real clan. So... is that ok?

Side Note: Scopes added [Toothpaste] to the front of his name after ok-ing it with me.

See you in the servers =(eG)=RoM
cool...not it will be a 3 letter name thats killing me...greeeat !grr

now his name is faster to type lol
haha nice work. i pretty much knew you as ROM anyway.
And toothpaste is a real clan, as of now
- [toothpaste]OutbreaK

[toothpaste]JMAN :D
Glad your an eG now buddy
he is the biggest architect of this thanks bro
aquafresh if that is true, then you are my most hated mortal enemy! i despise hygiene! exspecialy dental

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