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has anyone had a bad injury??? this is mine i was sledding with 20 ppl in a chain going backwards and i was the head = broken arm... both my bones were snapped this is my pic its my aviator but w/e ... anyone else? mabey even pics!

well i'm overseas from home right now so idk whether my parents can sen a pic but i had an accident when i was little while i was riding a bike the doctors were asking me did you hit something or did something HIT YOU? yeah it was messed up
Let me see, my twin brother told me let's go this way, with the wooden stumps and ice (it was dark) and of course I slipped :) And there went my knee cap, right through a stamp.
So we went home, and I had though it was just water that was filling my leg, but then I looked, my shirt and pants were covered with blood :) We went to the hospital, had to wait 6 hours to get in !grr , but they fixed it :) Now only a big scarr ony my knee.
i was playing tackle football and messed up my spine
had to get surgery done and ruin my football days...
ill post some pics of the scar soon
I got impaled through the leg on a church railing when i was 9 years old,i nearly bled to death.

I had the stupid notion on climbing over the railing when it was soaking wet.

Holy crap Blaze your a twin? me too.How identicle are you it your twin?
Worst injury:

I sliced through all the extensor tendons on my left wrist with a miter saw.

Near-death Experience:

I came real close to being killed in the Navy when the guided missle cruiser I was on ran aground as we were leaving Yokosuka harbor. The collision ripped the sonar dome completely off the ship, and tore a gash down the starboard side of the hull and was just 1 frame away from exposing the engine room to the sea. If it had reached the engine room, the ship would have blown sky-high. On top of that, our berthing compartment was just a few frames aft of the sonar dome, and the hatch leading to the compartment below us wasn't dogged down all the way.

As water rushed into that compartment, the air needed some place to go, and the hatch gave way. It blew open so hard that it dented a two-inch thick steel bulkhead. It too me and three other guys to wrestle it back down and to dog it properly. The water was just inches from coming up through the hatch when we finally got it secured.

We limped back to port, and got put in dry-dock (I have pictures somewhere, I'll see about scanning them onto the computer). It took about 45 days to get a new sonar dome and fix the damage. Amazing part - nobody was killed or injured (but the captain's career was over).
well.....i have 1 for me , one (i was 4) i was going on this huge 50ft rock at my campgrounc started raining..i wasl ike " oh noes its going to be slippery" i was with my friends so i wanted to be all "tough" and wanted to go down the shortcut...down the hill..well of course i fell and slid down the whole thing on my bare naked legs (was wearing shorts) and ended up tearing 3 ligaments in the back of my knee and thats not all...i nearly bles like 2 litres of about crazyness
i say killernoobs was the worst... 50 feet ouch yah when i broke my arm i wouldnt let the doctors fix it until i got a pic lol i want to remember it so i waited like 2 hours with t at broken arm just so i could get a pic lol
Man, that picture makes me queasy....

My worst injury was when I ran through a sliding glass door...100 stitches in my leg later and I was good to go!
Yeah i broke my right arm going off a jump snowboarding. Then the next year (this year) i broke my left arm also. So ive broken both arms in 2 years, ouch...

I actually altered my right arm cast so i could use a mouse still. Cant be off the computer for 8 weeks!
i almost lost an eye 2 years ago, and i was impaled by a root into my knee, and screw on a swing cut my eyelid, 1 cm from my eye!