Core 2 Duo vs. Pentium Dual Core


I'm looking into getting a new PC. What is the difference between a core 2 duo and a pentium dual core.

i was planning on getting an Intel pentium D 945 dual-core 3.4 ghz processor. Is that not good? If that isn't good, my second choice was an E6700. Is that a sufficiently fast processor?

Also, what is the difference between an Intel Core 2 Duo and an Intel Core 2 Quad?

Basically, what is a good processor to get?
I always go with AMDs.
They are known for gaming and perform well.
Pentiums are better for number crunching and running resource hungry apps like a server.
I have an AMp 3400 dual core and a medium video card and i pull 55-75 fps in DOD.
the core 2 E6700 is WAY faster than any Pentium D could ever hope to be...and between the Core 2 Duo and the Intel Quads, the Quads aren't going to run at max efficiency for quite some time due to the fact that there aren't multi threaded programs to take advantage of all four cores and in some cases the Quad Cores underperformed the Core 2 Duos.

so between those choices i would go with the core 2 you had in mind.

hope that'll help clear the air for you
i also agree w/tmoney. i prefer amd any which case i would probably get an amd opteron or 5000 + dual-core...either of them are kick-butt previous post was just based on getting an intel processor
I have been running AMD processor for years... ( At least 10 )
With Intel's price breakthrough it's a toss up,
on which my new computer will be powered by...
Do you want to run SLI video?
Hot swap Raid drives..
lots and lots of ram...
It's a sad fact of life but, soon as you buy it,
there will be something, better, faster and cheaper..
Buy the best you can afford...
See you in Donner
I've used AMD chips for... 4 years now? I have an aging 3400+ 64bit chip. Until recently, AMD always produced faster chips. I haven't looked at computer components for several years now, so I'm sorta disoriented.

Thanks for all the help

How many watts do I need in a power supply if I want to run an AMD 5400+, 2-4 gigs ram, nvidia 8800 640 mb?
AMD 64 X2 FTW im saving up for the 6000+ (3.0 ghz w00t speed to play and multi task ... now need a faster internet connection )
How many watts do I need in a power supply if I want to run an AMD 5400+, 2-4 gigs ram, nvidia 8800 640 mb?

8800 what? GTX? GTS? GT?

but about 500+ or so, and its not all about watts its about the aa and also the v
I've been using AMD for the last 7 years, but if I was gonna build a new system, I'd make the switch to the Intel Core 2 Duo.It's faster and less power hungry than the current AMD stuff.
I think you will be a good with any powersupply higher than 550 watts. BUT, if you are thinking about going SLI, get the 750. Siverstone makes an EXCELLANT 750 watt power supply (its pretty quiet too).
BTW, any Intel Core 2 Duo will beat the pentium D. Sure the P-D is a lot cheaper, but for 100 more, you can get a killer proc. At this current point in time, the Intels perform better than AMDs. This, of course, could change at any time. Frankly, I have no loyalty to any particular company. To me, its all about PERFORMANCE/COST. If AMDs were more powerful when I decided to do my latest computer upgrade, I would have chosen them hands down. However, I got an E6600 instead.
AMD FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!
pentiums are the leading ones in laptops but NOT desktop pc's
I don't think that is the case anymore with the Core 2 series.
The Core 2 is currently the fastest thing around.

Not for long I am sure, but everything I read it's all about the Core 2.
The C2D chips are more power efficient and run cooler. So if power or heat are an issue, the intel chips are better at the moment. AMD's price cuts do make the performance per dollar attractive, but at the moment, intel is on top. Also, the current mobos for intel seem to be a bit better and more feature packed, but that's just my opinion.
I love AMD to death, however they're a little behind right now. The AM2 X2's and FX's are amazing processors and are pretty good on power consumption, but the Core 2 Duo's are cheaper, faster and you can overclock the snott out of 'em.

Hopefully AMD will stun as all in the near future with a new product, but in the meantime Intel has the upper-hand.

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