i hate my sound card

idk if my sound card is exactly the problem, but i was playing a game with headphones on and the sound was started to get kinda fuzzy so i unplugged and plugged it back in. when i plugged them back in, no sound came out of it. i was on ventrilo to and i could see that they were talking but i couldnt hear that either. then i decided to reboot my comp and when it came back on, there was still no sound. idk much about comps but all i know is that i hate my sound card x) . any ideas?
reinstall drivers
if that dont work go with a creative or sound blaster card
i dunno much bout sound cards i use intergrated on asus boards and works fine
i was thinking about buying a new sound card anyway cuz it was already causing me problems as those of you who go on ts already know. do you know how much?
I had to replace a soundcard before, and it's really easy. If your computer isn't that great, you don't really need to spend that much on a great soundcard. I went really cheap and bought one for about... $10? It worked fine. You don't really need a nice 7.1 card or anything like that.

It's really easy to install too. Instal the drivers, put the card in your computer, done.
Yea. Sounds like you are having onboard sound issues. My suggestion is to buy a new sound card. Creative is great for gaming and music, but if you want audiophile quality sound, go for auzentech. The X-meridian is phenominal.
Ok, so you bought a new sound card and you are still having issues? Sometimes if you move the sound card to a different PCI slot, you might have better luck (but if the controller goes bad, all of the PCI slots don't work, so that might not be the case....). Does it only do that in the game or does the problem persist in other applications?

Did you call tech support at Creative? I'll be honest, their drivers are just not up to par with some of their cards. If you talk to the tech and explain, he'll tell you how to do a clean uninstall of all the drivers and then reinstall the newest set. That might help.

Otherwise.....you might have a jack problem. That is more difficult to fix. Hopefully the tech will walk you through something like that. It may be that you have to send it in.

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