Your favorite map!


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ava.....cuz it soooooo easy to punch sucka's in the back


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donnor...kar kills :p


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Hmmmm, on Source, it's Ava all the way.

Kind of wish DoD developers would add Caen, Hentau and Schwetz to Source.

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My top 5:
1. DoD_orange_indoor_arena: Always have kdr of 5 there, like 300 kills, 60 deaths xD
2. DoD_Mario_air: Great sniper map
3. Avalanche: Best server we have :)
4. DoD_pooldayQQ: Great hideouts
5. Donner: Great practise


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1. omaha ( wish they would make offical charlie again)
2. Flash ( need teamwork and coverfire to advance)
3.Ava ( can get some of the most intense fighting in any game I have ever played)
In beta 1.3b days, Caen all the way. Since retail, Avalanche, especially in Source. I used to hate Donner, but I'm starting to like it more and more. Ultimately, all the Source maps are pretty good, IMHO.


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ava and donner, haven't been on anyother map in a long time

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omg how can you guys not go with FLASH???
thats the greatest map ive ever played and ive played on alot of maps.