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well shrek the 3rd was not that good i found my self laughing once.... It seems they get worse as they continue the story.
Our English teacher on 9th grade watched 2nd and laughed so hard during our class it scared me....o_O, Can't wait to see 3rd :)
The first one was good because it was able to entertain both children and adults by hiding a lot of mature jokes into the material.

As the series continues though... they've lost their touch.
I took my family to see Shrek 3 Saturday... It had it's moments but...
What I liked most about it, was the animation, Having see all 3 now.
The animation is sooo much better.. and how in the future we will be
playing on line with such detail... I caught myself thinking it was real...
An afternoon well spent...
Yeah it looked really immature and lame. wouldnt waste my time.

:p your no fun
Wakka i agree with you they have really lost their touch on adding in adult jokes there was maybe 2 in the 3d the rest was for 5 year olds.
I really liked the first two as they managed to entertain the older folks while making it a good movie for younger kids.
its a childrens movie, im pretty sure it wouldnt be funny to us

Yeah, but that doesn't really mean anything. You'll notice that the best 'children's' or 'family' movies that succeed have alot of humor usually younger people wouldn't get.