Computer woes continuing...


So, after reformating my computer 4 times in 3 days, I still managed to have viruses on my computer (svchost.exe was consuming 100% of my resources). After much swearing and frustration, I decided I needed to reinstall windows XP Professional and SP2.

My computer now works great, except it's confused. I have two hardrives -- a primary one for data, and a secondary harddrive for recovery. Instead of installing windows updates and new software into my data drive, all new programs are going to my recovery harddrives (a 6GB drive). How do I tell my computer not to do that?

My windows updates are failing to install because there is insufficent space left on my recovery harddrive.

Thanks for all the help guys...
wow...that comp is fudged up man...when u install a program it will ask you where to install it to: usually letter drive C by i can say is check what drive it is defaulting to when you install your programs...hope that can help you out
I have 160 GB of free harddrive space in my data drive... but none of my applications are installing there.

I can't even download programs to my desktop because windows has my desktop under my recovery drive instead of my data drive... if that makes sense.

Is it possible that I installed windows under the wrong harddrive? Is it possible to undo that error if that's what I did?
Might have to unplug your recovery drive, install windows on the data drive, get everything working, then set-up/partition your recovery drive last? that's the best i can think of 0.o