Its been years since I messed with this game. Have the box here in practically mint condition. 2 looks bad ass. Reminds me of Mech Commander.
I can't wait for Starcraft 2! It looks really good, although Supreme Commander takes the visuals prize for sure. I am really anxious to do some super 300+ Zerg Rushes and check out all the carnage :D
I enjoyed playing Starcraft at LAN parties, but I never really got on battlenet... or whatever the online part is. Starcraft II looks really cool though. Sweet videos
looks sweet mayb my bro will buy it once he figures out it's out. but anyways i really liked the original and cool video hope ppl actually like the sequel. (GL BLIZZARD!)
Oh man....this could hurt my time on DoD....any rumors on a release date? Man I love old-school game comebacks!
haha I went to log onto world of warcraft and they had a thing about it so I skimmed through it....looks alright
yeah its been way too long for them to release that. I guess they have been preoccupied with WOW and just havent had the time. Well i will probably buy it when it comes out.
N. Korea will be too busy playing this game to build more nukes. Or maybe that's what they want us to believe... maybe they're building up forces for a ZERG RUSH


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