Cable keeps dying


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My cable connection keeps dying on me. Gets worse on the weekends. It could be my modem, but talking to our tech. support is like going to the dentist. I have an option of getting dsl but I don't know alot about dsl. You must know where I live we are 1 to 2 years behind in technologies. My cable is through our local city owned utilities. The dsl is with At&t yahoo. I am well in range for dsl. Wow this is getting really long and drawn out.
Open for suggestions-Quack
I'm very happy with my DSL. The connection speed is always the same, and you don't have to worry about neighbors hogging the bandwith.
dsl is good but max bandwidth (known) is like 3-6 mb but cable hits up to (known) 15-25 mb
if your cable co. is treating you like dirt switch
or you cn go with a 56k isp :p
DSL pwns Cable. Period. I just had to switch back to cable and I want to cry. If you can get DSL - get it. I've been back on cable for 2 weeks and I've already had to deal with service outages and poor performance. When I had DSL I NEVER had service issues and the performance was amazing. My 768kb - 1Mb DSL plan BLOWS my 3MB cable out of the water.

I miss my DSL B)
I have run Roadrunner ( now Brighthouse ) Comcast and now Verizon Fios...
The Fios is far faster, both in download and upload speeds...
not much difference in game play. If it's in your town hook it up.
I have the slow version... 5000 d/l 2000 u/l
My nephew plays WOW, my wife plays Second Life and I play DODS
works well... even though all the games are network hogs
ive used Starstream small fiberoptic cable company where i used to live in cali i got 7mb down and 4mb up this was 2000 put fastest internet in the state (that i know of at that time) but since they were always updating it some days it would be slower like 1 or 2 mb down and 512kb or 1 up...
when i moved i got comcast never had a problem
and again i moved and have a hi-speed 56k isp (never fails me :p)
I'd recommend getting this...

WOW. Now that pisses me off! Where I live we only have the option of 1mb cable or 1.5mb dsl. I get ticked when I have to read where you guys have access to 7mb connections. I need to move out of hillbilly town, but I love the peaceful country life.
9gbps that would be nice where i lived in a hillbilly town but most ppl dont even know what anything above a 56k connection is
well cable vs. dsl all depends on your location. Cable has shared bandwidth, while DSL offers dedicated bandwidth. It's like cable is one large pipe of water, which you can open your faucet and start using -- but than it would lower the flow rate for others. DSL is like a pipe going straight to you that one one else can use. The DSL 'pipes' though tend to be smaller than cable's 'pipes', so the maximum bandwidth offered by DSL tends to be lower. However, if you live in an area without much cable usage, chances are the pipe wont be slow for you because no one euse is using the bandwidth. For my connection, I live in orange county and am a very happy customer of Cox Cable. I get consisently ~8-14 Mbps as my bandwidth...
its probably your isp. Sorry bud but thats what you get with cable.

actually its which cable isp you have, starstream (fiberoptic cable) and comcast have been good to me well when i used them years ago
OMG, Atanamir! That is the absolute best way of describing it I have ever heard! (My dad is a network engineer, so I know about the tech btw.) I really don't have much to add to that, but if your cable service is dieing enough for it to be worth taking somewhat of a speed cut then go for the DSL, or you could threaten your cable provider to switch and they might give you a discount for their intermittent service...
Cable: Shared Bandwidth, therefore look at your contention ratio to see if you're not being ripped off (if it's high, then get an ISP with a lower ratio).

DSL: Good, lower speeds though :(


...It's shared bandwidth AND low speeds :( :(
Cable has the ability to transfer at faster speeds (don't listen to any of these fools *wink*). Get an amplifier for your cable connection (bestbuy, etc)
cable is faster though pretty much all comes down to your isp.

Cable is not necessarily faster, and usually isn't. Just because they advertise "10Mb" service or whatever un-Godly number they're up to now doesn't mean you're going to get "10Mb" service. All this means is that they'll un-cap your modem to 10Mb. Just because they uncap the modem doesn't mean that they upgraded their infrastructure to provide more bandwidth nor does it mean that they've increased their capacity. This has been proven time and time again by people switching between the two services. I went from 768k-1.5Mb DSL service to 10Mb cable service and I can't believe how slow it is compared to my DSL. I noticed the same thing when I went from 3Mb (highest at the time) to DSL - blown away by the speed. Then, you start dealing with the reliability....cable is ridiculous. I've had it for a little over the month and I have to CONSTANTLY reset the cable modem. I had DSL for more than 2 years and I only had to reset it a handful of times and it was usually after REALLY bad storms.

Don't believe the advertising; cable companies are notorious for misleading customers.