EGO Zealot
Last night I was playing donnor, and was on the nazi side. Me and another player weree in the nazi sniper house. I had the kar and he had the sniper, sum1 tossd a nade and took him out, I picked up his sniper and I know I atleast killed more than 10 people b4 getting punched out by j.stain lol. all with 13 hp from nade hit. anyways I forgot the players name, but he accused me of having an aimbot, lol!! when i read that in chat i started laffing, I was like darn too bad i got no mic :p . I know many of you seen me b4 and know theres no aimbot here, my k/d ratio is always about the same.
nothing new there :p everyone always calls people aimbotters cause they have a good score. anyways nice one
lol nice! heres one of my stroies. i was on ava on nazis and i had the kar98 i was crossing the nazi balcony into church when i sawa person in top of apts. i shoot a rifle nade and blow him up. he accuses my of using "homing ammunition" he said the nade followed him down to the smaller apt windows the flew at him and kileld him HAHAHAHA i will not post the name for...obvious reasons
ohhh dont be like that toothpaste! well anyways when im playing ava and im on the church tower with my k98, at a point i just kill about 5-10 people in like 2 min and i call it the "sniper streak" idk but i it's fun to just get tons of kills just likee that :p