Holy bad luck, batman


Obey your master
So yesterday was a big day for me. First, I woke up early to watch the FA cup final between Chelsea and Man Utd..... and Utd lost. !grr

After that I went and picked up my girlfriend and we went to Houston for a Dynamo MLS game. My mom let me use her car since it literally takes 3 tanks of gas to get to Houston in my Mustang. As we got closer to town I noticed this weird feeling in the front of the car. The wheel was shaking and it felt like the front end was trying to rise up. It's weird to describe. I didn't think much of it at the time. When we got to downtown Houston we heard this LOUD scraping noise..... turns out it was us! The front skirt under the nose had come loose! It wasn't a big deal when we were going 80 down 290 since the wind held it in place, but when we stopped in traffic on 45 the thing hit the ground and bent back up under the car. When we got to the game I used athletic tape in the cars first aid kit to hold it together till we could get to a gas station after the game.

Of course, the Dynamo lost 1-0. !grr

We stopped at a gas station and duct tape the front end together. Beth, my girlfriend, said "well, this is what happens when you get 2 NASCAR fans fixing a car!".

On our way out of town we got stuck in traffic AGAIN. Loop 610 was shut down and we sat in traffic for over an hour. A 2 and a half hour drive turned into a 4 hour drive.

Just think of it as a character builder. And if your girlfriend doesn't leave ya after all that BS, you need to hang on to her...she's a keeper.
hang on to that GF

Plan on it. The car was falling apart, both my teams lost, I HATE traffic...... but I was smiling the whole way because of her.

....aaaaand I'm going to shut up now before I get made fun of. Haha.
....aaaaand I'm going to shut up now before I get made fun of. Haha.

awww...someone's in love. if she's willing to go through all that and not get pissed, just cause ur there, dont let her go
whod make fun of that :)
I certainly wouldn't!

She's a keeper!

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