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I was talking to Dan on Xfire. I got this message of a VAC Moderatior adding me to their List. Dan did some research on this and he told me NOT TO KEEP HIM ON MY LIST. So i advise all to DELETE ANY1 WITH THAT USERNAME IMMEDIATELY. U mite risk losing yur account. I'll post the image of me adding him, then deleting him. So, my advise to every1 is to change thier password sometime, unless its uber hard to guess. Or else isk losing your account. I hope no one else will recieve this message. Here's the image...

Wow i got that today also. Glad i got that straightened out.

yepper, i saw you post about it, and had to post this, cuz me and dan (mostly him) thinks its really iomportant that every learn about this
Standard stuff.... don't trust strangers with candy. No one who is anyone important is going to just contact you out of the blue over XFire or any other chat/im/comm program especially one with a searchable database where an a-holes can narrow the pack of potential victems.
I checked mine today for the first time in weeks but mine was a little bit different. The name was Account Administrator on mine.

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