Free game thats exactly like BF2


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Alright, i know many play battlfield two, and of course paid for it. BUT!! (don't worry im not posting another thing illegally ;)) i found a game called War Rock. Its basically a total rip off of BF2 but its of course not the exact same thing. However, its so close, i felt like i actually was playing it.

Offical Site


ive been playing it for a few days now, and ive really enjoyed it. Just make sure to maximize your settings before playing it. Have Fun


before being able to play, you need to setup an account on the offical site. Dont worry, its worth it
oh yea man i like BF2 but someone stole mine =(. warrok also is ok when i played it but i didnt know they still allow u to download it for free.
i've tryed warrock its almost the same to bf2, just different vehical really, a few different weapons but its really similar
i have it...but since feb 2nd 2007 it SUCKED because you have to be a certain "level" (you get points and dinars (money) from kills, flag caps, and deaths. so you need to be level 16 to get most good guns, they suck you in to become premium, (pay $20 USD a month) becauser you can only create 3 maps not prem and only get 3 slots...prem get 5. so overall, they try to scam offense to premium warrock players.
Yeah i played it for the first time today and it was pretty sweet. I really had fun. We should all get in the same game together.

Do they have like a friends list? because if they do my username is

You are free to pay monthly.... sounds cheap at 15 a month doesn't it... Thx but no thx, I will buy the game and play it for free... all I need is to be hounded for some lame month charge...
One more thing, make sure you have an admin account because they run punkbuster on the game and you cant play unless u have admin...supposedly cant scan your pc for hax unless u do