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After all that has been going on this week/ weekend i have been thinking alot and i am leaving eGO..... there are to many reason why i am leaving so i will not list them all. It was fun while i was in eGO and i was happy to help anyone who needed it... i will not be playing as JMAN and not =(eGO)= JMAN so JMAN is me just so you all know....
I think this should be put into a different forum... but anyhow, have a good life, come visit us somtime
:( Jman may be gone, but he will not be forgotten, Jman will be greatly missed :(( . Hope to see you playing in the near future ;) . Have fun, enjoy yoursrlf, and may good wishes to fixing your problems :D . Peace my twin brother from another mother %-6 , ROCK ON 8) :p
Get some help J... You are to young to be miserable all the time...
This is supposed 2 be fun.. and you work so hard not to have any...
Talk to your parents, a Priest or a counselor at school...
Get Help
JMAN,,, don't go. You are one of the power players of eGO. Please stay on and play as little as you want to.
Well it was fun playing with you but come visit us if u have a chance. !lol If you can pm or xfire me b/c I wanna ask you why you have to leave. :((
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