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yeah, the sticky thread said to post a little something about me, but i dont know what yall wanna know. so how bout yall ask me some querstions and ill answer em
yeah, pretty much most of the NL is terrible this year, except the mets. and the dodgers are streaking right now too. my NL team is the astros. one of my friends had 4 tickets to one of the world series games last year in Houston, but didnt go because she was sick, and didnt offer the tickets to anybody either. i was furious
speaking of baseball, tonight the rangers were playing the angels and there was a bench clearing brawl in the 9th inning. 2 of their pitchers, the manager and bench coach were ejected in the 8th after hitting 2 of our batters on consecutive pitches. then our closer hit somebody with 2 outs left and it ticked them off a little bit so he decided to charge the mound and the rangers pwned him and the rest of the angels. i love baseball.

my avatar is a pic of the pitcher knocking the batter off of his feet with a right hook to his shoulder when he decided he wanted to charge the mound
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yeah, the sticky thread said to post a little something about me, but i dont know what yall wanna know. so how bout yall ask me some querstions and ill answer em

Ok Fuzzy I got one...

If winnie the pooh was civilized enough to keep his honey in jars, why did he eat it off his hands? Surely he had spoons?
Leprechon: no im not a gangster

Brit: I am sure that Winnie the Pooh did have spoons. However, he did not have opposible thumbs like we do. Therefore it would be very difficult if not impossible for him to eat his honey with a spoon.

that was a very logical answer fuzzy but i wanna kno if he cant pick things up right how like us how do they open doors and how does he get the honey into the honey jar?
winnie the pooh never grabs things lwith his hands like we do. he always bends down and picks things up with his entire arm holding the honey pot against his chest. he scoops the honey into the jar the same way he scoops it out.
well if he loves honey so much wouldnt he just eat it right away instead of putting it into jars? i kno i would if i loved honey that much.
Someone tried to once explain the Winnie the Poo world and its symbolism to different neurotic behaviors a.k.a. 7 deadly sins. whatever you want to call it. It was WAY over my head though. %-6
Poo is Gluttony
Piglet favorite’s things are bright colors and balloons. He also likes to blow dandelions. I will leave this one alone….. :p
Eeyore is always depressed and keeps to himself
Tigger has a bad case of
Rabbit has O.C.D. He has to organize things until the point that nothing gets done
Owl has Pride

?? not sure about others…
wow brit, Im so glad you brought that up, because thats exaclty what I love about disney, all of their brilliance lies in the depth of the stories they chose to tell...aka Alice, those movies or read the books...or do one better and ride the disney ride (yea lame I know)...and you will see how crazy those stories really are.

Awesome...heh im a philosophy nerd!
yep.. I heard the original Fantasia is loaded with weird psychedelic undertones. I watched it once with my exboyfriend who was all in to that stuff and turned volume down and played Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Fluro trance CD. Was kinda cool but I aint about to take drugs to find out HOW COOL IT REALLY is.

The Wizard of Oz sinced with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon is about as far out there as I care to get.

The lyric 'Balanced on the biggest wave' coincides with Dorothy's balancing act on the fence
'On the Run' starts as Dorothy falls off the fence
Chimes and Bells start ringing as the Wicked Witch appears riding her bicycle.
During the 'Time' guitar solo, the fortune teller's sign is shown with the words "Past Present and Future"
The Great Gig in the Sky has many incidents:

The tornado is shown in the background as the words 'I'm am not frightened of dying' are said
The drums start right as the wind really picks up and blows the trees from their roots.
The singer calms down right as Dorothy is knocked unconsious by the window
'Great Gig in the Sky' is still playing as the house flies in the tornado
Side 1 of the album (vinyl) is exactly as long as the black & white portion of the film
The cash register in Money is heard right as color is seen in Oz (money = color)
Incidents in 'Us and Them':
The ballerinas enter on 'Us, us, us, us'
One ballerina seems to lip sync 'ordinary men'
Three men enter on 'Me, me, me'
One kid's jerking motions are in sync with the music
'Forward he cried' is sung as Dorothy looks turns to face forward
The Wicked Witch appears on 'Black, black'
On 'Blue, blue, blue,' the camera switches to Dorothy (in her blue dress)
'And who knows which is which and who is who' is sung right when the Wicked Witch of the West looks at the recently killed Wicked Witch of the East. Note the play on words "Which is Which" vs "Witch is Witch"
The Witch is up a the platform on 'Up, up' and then walks down on 'Down, down, down'
As 'And in the End' is sung, the Wicked Witch of the East disappears
On 'Out, out, out,' the good Witch of the North leaves
'Brain Damage' plays as the Scarecrow sings 'If I Only Had a Brain'
Heartbeat heard at the end of the album is heard as Dorothy listens at the Tin Man's chest
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