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so i went to the dentist today and they used a new lazer to test the density of my teeth. what they found were seven cavities !sad . ive never had a cavity before and now i have seven, and all of them are inside my teeth and have not yet broken the surface. kinda wierd knowing i could have possibly had cavities for years not knowing it.
I like th dentist, although i hate the fact that they butcher my mouth every time i go. !sad
For some absurd and obscene reason the lady decides to hack at my teeth when cleaning them... oh also when they floss my teeth, they just started this recently she tears at my gums..... i hate that lady but the dentist is a chill head

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I wish you were here
i hate the dentist
i dont see how i never get cavities though i dont brush my teeth that often but i try and sometimes it hurts when i eat cause my gums get soo sore and everytime that i do brush after im done i spit out the toothpaste and all of it is blood lol
I wanted a, don't mind either way. I've never seen why people are afraid of teh dentist. The other day he was like, I need to put a filling in, do you wanna do this now? I was like.....sure. Then he drilled away and in about 20 minutes I was done. Totally painless,
i agree with the it doesnt hurt part but like Probowl i dont brush my teeth that often and my gums are really sensitive when they scrape out the plaque, i bleed and today i actually about started to cry cause it hurt so bad.

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