Starting Over

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EGO Is My Life!
I just wanted to say that i am going to start over trying to go eG. I got carried away on sunday and i want to apologize to all of those i affended. I believe it was a 24 hr ban. When i get back to donner i hope all of u forgive me and kill some axies. Ill c you on the battlefield
also i got banned for 24 hrs. on friday and apologized in pms and am still banned. i believe i should be unbanned form donner. thx admins.
wow dude...please art and john help this boy out! even if he has a lower chance or has to take off the "e" unban him. please
Stay calm and let the council decide like hot sauce said
if you fight the law, the law will win

@judo you might want to stay out of it and not get in trouble your self i know you want him unbanned as do many others, but thats only up to the council, if they see fit not to unban him that is their choice, dont end up like other ppl ive seen get in trouble for trying to help some1 to get unbanned :?
thx guys its just that today and tomoorwo are the only days i can play until a road trip and ur servers r the best (donner) and i wanna play on them with my friends
take a breath, play on another server, and wait for a council member to respond. I am sure there is a perfectly good reason for the ban
Not open for further replies.