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I am thinking of getting a new card soon and wonder if anyone has any ideas on make and model. I have a x800xt now and love ATI so would prefer to stick with that brand. I wish I could use a PCI card but have to have a AGP until I et a whole new PC around maybe early next year. I know Nivida and ATI seem to come out with a card every 3 months so is there something down the pipeline I should wait on? ThankS!!!
x800 is pretty decent. If you're going to get the pci xpress mobo early next year I'd suggest holding off on a new card until then. 4 or 5 months isn't a long time to buy a nice upgrade for agp.
The most important thing to remember is this: DirectX 10. If you have a card as good as an x800 wait until you build a new computer and make sure to get a DX10 graphics card. You were talking about Crysis a while back and that uses DX10 so you should most definitely wait for a DX10 card. I'm doubting that the prices will be that different from any other new cards.

Btw, when you build your new comp get an Intel Pentium D 805 2.66GhZ. It's ranked by Tom's Harware as the best OCing proc out there. I put mine up to 3.5ghz on stock heatsink and fan (note: I have a case with 4 fans operating and another 2 not). It's currently selling for under $100 on and It's only going down. Read the Tom's HD guide [link=]here[/link]. If you get some decent water cooling you can make this thing run better than a much more expensive proc (i.e. 4.1ghz :)))))) Good luck Brit.
i suggest waiting untill around christmas and a lil after because ati and nvidea are coming out with cards that support direct x 10 so as for an agp card i dont know what to tell you to get but for pci x16 i would do two ati x1900's in crossfire(sli) goood stuff that is but you can do the same thing with nvidea no big deal just your just now editing this because i saw that the other guy knows his stuff two maybe i should have read all of the post instead of just the first one oh well atleast there are other people out there like me that make it a living to be a techie
however i dont like intel i would go amd if you benchmark and amd to an intel for the price you pay a 2.2 ghz amd actually benchmarks at like 6.6 gaming wear an intel gets very little over what it actually says...either way there still good chips just not the best there is for gaming to be honest. and thats my profesional point of veiw lol (im on the geek squad, and i go to itt-tech if anyone knows something i dont please correct me so that i may learn thanx)
Beat me to it, Noyade. This thread was started a month ago lol, and a lot happened in that time...including the person who started the thread leaving the clan.
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