Experiment: help me out


Ok I've wondered this a long time so please just humor me.

I'm sure you've all played the board game BATTLESHIP

If you haven't go buy it.

I'm convinced there are favorite zones to shoot at. Places that statistics would say never to put your ships on.


It's your first turn. Where do you shoot?

My choice is B2

well now that you said it, no one is going to call a1, b1, and so on cause they know nothing will be there, so i think that's where ill put my destroyer
lol i cant believe we are discussing battleship strategy.

But usually i make an X across the board and do every other one after that. People tend to group their boats together, so when i get a hit, i circle aound the boat.
lol i cheat, i put some of the pieces off the board :p

lol yeah i move mine if they're close to hitting it
keep your pt boat smallest boat hardest to hit you win if you dont lose that at all