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I've been having problems with finding the server when i start up dod:source. i refresh the list and its not there. ive added it to my favorites several times but it keeps disappearing. anybody got any clue as to why this happens?

could somebody post the ip of the server so that if i have this issue again i can just connect via the ip


Change the filters to something on favorites(like what you use to find it with on the other tab) and then log off. Should show up on favorites after a refresh if it doesn't come up automatically after that.


add the server to your favorites on xfire. It never resets :) thats what I do

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I think this just elaborates on what Noyade said: (found on
Please follow the troubleshooting recommendations below to resolve the issue:

1. Load the game
2. Go to the Find Servers option
3. Switch to the Favorites tab
4. Go to the Change filters button
5. Select "Secure" from the Anti-Cheat drop-down menu
6. Exit and then reload the game
7. Go to the Find Servers option
8. Switch to the Favorites tab
9. Click the "Refresh" button

If you could see servers through STEAM -> servers before – you should be able to see them in the game as before.

If this method do not work at once, delete file serverbrowser.vdf and repeat the recommended troubleshooting steps outlined above once more (by default, this file may be found at C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\ - otherwise, find the Steam directory you specified when installing Steam).

Good luck,


Yeah, what leo said. It gave me trouble when I first started playing dod, just been a while to remember that exactly.
yea i say just add it to xfire. cause most of us load from xfire in the first place. so just add it there.
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