Other games

Well, some of us have played Gmod together...then some people have games like Silkroad, Guild Wars,etc....I only do Titan Quest and DoD, and sometimes Cs:s and gmod.
DoD, black and white 2, bf2142, bf2, bf1942, gmod 9, Dark Messiah, hl2, css and bfvietnam
css, hl2dm, synergy(coop source game), xbox live if availible
bf1942 (not much anymore), ut 2004, starcraft (2 FTW)
cs:s.dod:s,cs,cz,bf2,bf1942,dark messiah, WoW, halo 3 beta, GoW, America's amry, Fear combat, War rock "just started"
Also played and playing:
Hidden, Hl2, Nhl 2007, Nhl 2k7, Grand Prix 4, SW KOTOR, SW EAW,SW BF, SW JK II: JO, SW: RC, and a trial I used to play with bro; SW:SW Galaxies, Silkroad