Computer Restarting by itself


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Yea, title explains all really

what happened was just i went afk and came back to find a error message saying that win..(dunno) failed and i pressed ok, then my taskbar thing at the bottom of the screen went to the old school verison of windows 98 then it just please
So are you currently running Windows98 or are you running XP? Maybe I read that post wrong? Anyway, if it's a blue screen you are getting write down the specifics of the screen and post it so I can go through it.

If it's not a blue screen, just give me as much information about the error itself and tell me when it occurs and how frequent.

Start there!
Normally overheating causes systems to lock up and freeze. I've never run into a situation that has caused a system to reboot when it is overheating.

One thing you will want to do is config your settings to disable automatic reboot after system failure in case the system is blue screening and then rebooting before you can see what the BS is. Start > Control Panel > System > Click Advanced > Settings under Startup > Uncheck automatic restart.
im thinking it maybe a little overheating because it has actually been really hot here in CA for the past couple of days, just making sure it might of not been some weird virus or something, thanks guys
My friend, you have a common problem called overheating. You can fix this by several techniques. 1). Remove any dust inside the case and see if that helps
2). Keep the cover off the case and blow a fan on it. It's tacky, but it really does get the job done.
3). Your GPU just can't cut the mustard. Try turning down the specifications in the games (assuming that's when it crashes on you)

If your computer is doing that while just doing normal tasks like web browsing or Word, you might need to look in your bios and make sure you CPU isn't overclocked. Or, it could be that your CPU fan is old too.

Hope this helps.

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