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Hello, the name is Madcat and I'm a senior desktop support/network admin that has a lot of years in the field supporting a whole range of technical issues.

I am officially offering my services to you fine people in case you need any extra help.

I'll keep an eye on the Tech Help forum but you can also email me or IM me.
[email protected]
AIM: madcatsden

Good luck out there!
toothpaste need the all clans help
they say it takes a village to raise a kid well it takes clan eGO to raise toothpaste jk lol
its okay toothpaste wel have stuff we dont know much about like mine is math, and science but little by little we learn
thanks for the introduction, would you mind taking a quick glance at my most recent post and see if you could give me some advice???? It would be greatly appreciated

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