Your weirdest moment at your job


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What's the weirdest moment you've had at your current job?

My family runs a PostNet mail store here in town. I started last year before my family actually bought the store. My 2nd day of work a guy brought in an Igloo cooler and said he needed to ship it a ground service. I did FedEx Ground and they require a "brief" description of the contents. I opened the cooler without asking and there was a dead deer looking at me. The guy said "it's a fresh deer's head going to the the taxidermy". Needless to say I don't look anymore, I just ask.
Mine was a couple of years ago. A VP walked into a meeting with his fly open and shirt sticking out the fly. I used eye contact to tell him there was a slight problem.

The guy handled it with style. He said, "Now that I've cooled off a bit, lets begin our meeting", and everyone roared.
well I work at a paintball field and made the mistake of keeping my pistol loaded around these fools. The one guy is in LOVE with my pistol, he wants it to have his kids.. so he pretends hes cool and stuff and loads it with a 12g co2 and shoots it at our managers leg ( hes wearing shorts) at like a foot away and hit him with the paintball.

wakka pm me the details ;p
well this isnt as funny as your guys but I was taking a call I worked at pizza hut for my first job lol.....well I took this call and I listed the things you could put on the pizza for this lady. and she asked me what pork was I told her pig and she asked me what it tasted like and I had know idea I never thought about what it tastes like. it tasted like pork lol I told her I didnt know and I couldnt explain it and there was a long pause and she finally said ok and hung up on me
i like redshift's

i work at a movie theater so i see a lot of wierd people. one guy touched one of my managers in an inappropriate way. we made one new kid drain the water fountains. and on the opening night of Hostel one theater smelled of pot and another of booze. that was an interesting one. also, one person refused to put out his cigar in the building, i wasn't around for that one tho, just heard about it a few minutes after it happend.
Well i was walking down the computer isle at staples when somthing caught my eye a guy was hovering over a computer and looking around alot
so i hid and guess what he doesnt steal it he grabbs it and hides it in another isle so his buddy would go get it well the attention was on him but i saw this and was waiting where the comp was when his buddy showed up... they are now banned from all staples on the island.
I used to work at a retail store in customer service. I once saw a woman try to return used lingerie.... GROSS!!!

not if she was hot!
I work as a greyhound parader so i have to deal with alot of drunk people and such,but we do get(rarely) streakers running on the track often but it's not a pleasent sight lol.
I used to work at a tire plant in the warhouse. We were in contract talks and they wernt going well. One day i was storing some tires and i smelled smoke. The dock door was open and i thought it was a grass fire. Come to find out some of my coworkers set the warehouse on fire to get attention. One person was taken to the hospital for smoke inhaltion. Well we got plenty of attention after that. Everyone got to talk to a fire investigator. They never pinned it on anybody. It was a very bad idea whoever started the fire. Someone could have been killed.
Way too many to list with me being a COP. Made a guy piss and poop his pants once when I caught / scared him while he was breaking into a truck in the middle of the night. lol Been to more suicides with guns than I care to remember,, usually within 3-5 minutes of the person shooting self in head / face. Blood dripping out of mouth, eye, nose, pieces of brains stuck to the walls, some of the people still alive. Really weird, scary, and very SAD sights to see another human being go through. I hope I did not creep anyone out, it's just part of my life, and i'm glad it's almost over. maybe i'll be a door greeter at WAL-MART and hand out shopping carts LOL 8)
Well not weird but rather sick, Im the janitor of the apts i live in, by the way at my lunch hour i get to play DOD at my apt, I find used condoms almost all the time :mad:, our property is supossed to be a quiet family enviroment, and ppl can care less and just throw them newhere ~:( , and small children play outside and have 2 see that crap, i always be sweeping those things up :mad: . Dont let me get into what i go see when me and my co. worker pull out the big garbage bins every monday for trash pick-up !ill !ill !ill !ill x) :mad: x) :mad:
what happen to me was funny ,
i was goin to work in manhttan and i was in a hurry
so when i go to the building i ran inside , but i dint see the floor was wet so i sliped and slide alll the way to the elevator area until the wall stoped me.
good times.