Proud to be apart of eG


EGO Is My Life!
The past few days that I have been playing DoDs on our servers were AMAZING. It was DoDs at its finest. Never before have I witnessed so much team work, communication, good will, and overall fun from a server. I am just amazed time and time again at the crowd our server attracts and wonderful the dods experinece can be.

You guys make me proud and happy to be apart of such a wonderful community!
I refuse to play on non-eGO servers now!

They just, well... suck!

I might not get to play that often, but I think I've picked a good "home" for notso's rocket rampages (TM).
eGo was the only server i played on before i joined the actual clan/community. i think that we now how to keep our servers nice and clean and make sure that eGo is at it's best.
Playing on some servers is as bad as the Wild West...
Foul language, foul names and no Admins and if so, they just don't care...
Here at eGO it's well policed and friendly... let the riff-raff play else where...
Lead on eGO
Aboslutely agree with you Blackhawksniper! I too noticed right away the first time I played DOD with the eGO crew! Great team work, great respect for each other, eGO is DOD at its finest! Hey, I like your signature pic, how did yo make that?!
lol...nice bane !lol...tho i do agree w/blackhawk: the eGO servers are the only good servers out there right now and i def. won't play anywhere else
ya i must admit i wouldnt have played dod if it wasnt for these to servers. it gets kind of boring without the ppl in our servers because of the teamwork and what not. also u dont get real jerks in there and if the come the get kicked/banned !amazed
I just love the absence of profanity (and the ability to squasgh it when it does appear) and pr0n sprays that you get everywhere else. Oh and there's very few annoying nubsters running around, which is a blessing. I play on nothing but the eGO servers.

Oh, and no FF is a massive win.
It really is nice to come into eGO's mature, somewhat civil servers from playing CS:S for so long where no one ever watches your back and everyone curses all the time for no reason. It's like playing with middle schoolers and then going to college. With a third server, eGO seems to be a very substantial force in the realm of DoD:S clans, and I'm proud to be a part of it...Thanks All.