Lets Play! League of Legends


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Calling all and Any League of Legends players!!

If you are looking for people to play LoL with whether it be for:


Look no further!!! Use this New thread as your Primary Place to find others to play with!

Just Reply with:

-Forums Username:
-Main/Secondary Role:
-Current ELO:
-Peak ELO:
-Additional Info:


Before long many of us will Unite together on Summoner's Rift!!! SO what are you waiting for?!?!?

Here I'll start!
-IGN: DArkais
-Forums Username: DArkaisGaming
-Main/Secondary Role: Jungle/Mid
-Current ELO: Silver
-Peak ELO: Gold
-OP.GG: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=DArkais
-Additional Info: I'm an avid LoL Player, I'm a competitive player always looking to Improve with every game I play. I am however not too shy on trying to have fun every game I can. Can't love a game if you don't have a bit of fun playing it!!


It's as easy as that!! Let's get going!!!

See you on the RIFT!!!
-IGN: Athyrah
-Forums Username: SurpriseTaco
-Main/Secondary Role: Support
-Current ELO: negative brozne XD
-Peak ELO: uhhhhhhh....
-OP.GG: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Athyrah
-Additional Info: I've been playing for awhile. Took a break for a few years and came back. Things are different. I like to play but I'm not great. Been working with my friends who are high ranking players to get better. My friends and I mostly play ARAMs for fun but we've started playing Summoner's Rift again.

I cant carry

-IGN: frekinninja
-Forums Username:I cant carry
-Main/Secondary Role: mid and then either support or bot
-Current ELO: around bronze 2
-Peak ELO:silver 4 or 3
-Additional Info: idc, i love tryna grind ranked, i do really want to get better, but im always down to play for memes on like aram or one for all or somethin. :)


-IGN: I miss EU
-Forums Username: Kaise
-Main/Secondary Role: Talon Mid
-Current ELO: Silver 4
-Peak ELO: Diamond 5 in season 5 on EUNE, Plat 3 in season 6 on EUW, new to NA, I suck nowadays
-OP.GG: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=I miss EU
-Additional Info: Already got a duo partner for ranked, looking to have fun in 5 mans


a promise is just another lie ◔̯◔
- IGN: Ride My Wave | decëmber
-Forums Username: december
-Main/Secondary Role: Support | ADC | Mid
-Current ELO: Silver 1
-Peak ELO: Gold 1


Chief Delegation Officer
"Doctor Tryhard"
Second account.
I'm garbage. I play any role, but I'm garage at it.
I main Mundo, not for the lulz.

First account was in the closed beta. Had King Rammus, Black Alistar, UFO Corky, ect.
We won't discuss what happened to it.