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EdgeGamers New Game Support Guide

The purpose of this guide is to inform members of EdgeGamers on how to complete a "New Game Support" request.​

What is a "New Game Support" request?
A NGS request is the process for EdgeGamers to consider expansion into a new game or live service. A NGS request can take several weeks to process from start to finish. Interested? Follow the steps below.

NGS Steps
1: Find a game or live service EdgeGamers does not support. To see a list of games we support, click here!
2: Find a current member of eGO leadership to act as a guide. Have this leader involved with your suggestion every step of the way. This leader should accompany you to all discussions in regard to your suggestion.
3: Contact @Dr. Havok and ask him to make a forum poll gauging community interest.
4: After 7 days of the poll being live, contact @Arbiter with the results of the poll.
5: If community interest is high, you will be asked to create a rough concept draft for your idea. An example is included here.

In your rough draft concept; Make sure your draft includes these questions with proper detailed answers.

6A: What is the estimated cost for EdgeGamers to support your game or live service?
6B: How can EdgeGamers recruit through your game or live service?
6C: What resources will be needed to make this game or live service thrive in EdgeGamers?
6D: What members of EdgeGamers are interested in LEADING this project?
6F: Is there an opportunity for EdgeGamers to give perks to our dedicated supporters through your game or live service?

7: Once your rough concept draft is complete, create a Contact Leadership thread with the title: "ATTN: Director of Operations".

There is no guarantee EdgeGamers will be able to fulfil every NGS request. Any member that provides a solid game-plan and has the drive to help EdgeGamers grow should feel confident in knowing every attempt will be made to expand our supported services.
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