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Hello, as a new member I'm trying very hard to fit in and acclimate to the new server rules. Also, as an adult I'm having problems with certain things and have a question.

I was playing in the server this morning and called someone a "bastage" out of total sillyness and was immediatel yelled at by =(EG)= Firecracker about "language" and how an "e" should "know that."

I'm a bit confused. While I understand the idea of using clean language I do not see how using the word "bastage" especially in the way that I used it warrants being talked to like i'm a teenager....

I'm a good sport and keep things light and clean but come on... Am I in the wrong here?
When I read your post I scratched my head - I never heard of the term although the root word is obvious. I'm guessing he chastised you on the basis of the root meaning.

One reason we shut that stuff down quickly is that it can get out of hand. Some players may not take it as fun, or others may be tired of getting shot and start an angry swear-fest. One or two admins in a server with 20+ players swearing at each other and going snake is a little hard to control, so we shut it down asap. Firecracker wasn't in the wrong here.

If you get admin, you'll have an entirely different way of looking at things ! !amazed
As a side note, I tried to get Firecracker to qualify his statement and to talk to me about this and he either ignored me entirely or went AFK that exact second....
Ok, well if I understand this correctly I"m not allowed to use words even as harmless as "bastage." I'm a bit stunned honestly and while I love you guys I'm not sure that makes sense to me that in my circumstance I am in the wrong....

While I get it that a swear fest can be distracting and uneeded it seems a bit much to hammer someone for something simple like that... i've ran a CS clan for over 4 years and am a mature adult.

Any more input or should I jsut give it up?
The origin, as far as I know, is from a movie of which I can't think of the name right now. The dialog was something like, "farging bastig".

You were completely innocent in using the word, but our admin may have heard you incorrectly. We are all instructed to let the word filter in the game take care of text chat, but what individuals hear from a voice can be different from what is said.

I hope you'll continue to join us on our servers, as I'm sure you won't encounter this again. You sound like a decent enough fellow.
Any more input or should I jsut give it up?

As I said, getting admin gives you an entirely different way to look at a server. Once you've been tested in fire and been the ONLY admin around when all hell breaks loose, you'll have a greater appreciation of the role.

This is far too small to even talk this much about it, just let it go and move on. 8)
Well thanks for everyone and their positive input; that's exactly what I was hoping to hear actually.

You are all stand-up guys and I appreciate that.

Hope to see you all in-game sometime.
Meh, dont worry about it. You did nothing wrong, ffire was just trying to make sure the server is clean

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