need for speed carbon problems (sonic DLA)


I just bought need for speed carbon for my pc, and I already have a problem...
A few seconds after I pop the disc into my drive I get an error message saying that my version of sonic DLA can read the info on the disc, but I will not be able to add or edit the info on the disc. So naturally I exit the box and prepare to play the game. After that my computer starts making these funny loud noises like the fan is going to explode, then my system crashes ~:( ~:( , I get this blue error screen that says my computer is shutting down to prevent further problems, and that I should contact someone to help fix the problem. I have uninstalled the game but everytime I attempt to reinstall the game, the process repeats over again. So... my question is... do I need to buy/download a newer version of sonic DLA to fix the problem or should I just get rid of the game before it terminates my computer?
Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!!!!

sauce ;)


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Hey there Hot_Sauce!

First off I'd highly suggest removing Sonic DLA from your PC don't need it and it causes issues. Add/Remove Programs and look for JUST Sonic DLA and not the regular Sonic software (you need that for burning).

There are other things to do with this but the first thing is to get rid of Sonic DLA.

Let me know what happens.


Ok I just gotta restart my comp...
But first do you have an x-fire name? So we could talk via x-fire?