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I just wanted to make a thread to express how thankful I am for this community. When I was in 7th grade - which, Jesus Christ, was 8 years ago - I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Since then, there are days that I feel like I do not want to even get out of bed even to eat.

A few years ago I joined this community because I loved to play games, but I never had a tight group of a people to play with. That year was one of the best of my life, and I cannot thank you guys enough. Although I had to take a small break because of a computer issue, coming back to eGO was amazing.

I'm definitely still depressed lol, but the people mentioned here make my days a lot easier. This is not an exhaustive list. If you have met me and talked to me, you more than likely made my day a lot better, and your help does not go unnoticed by me. So thank you....

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TL;DR: I'm depressed and y'all help me a lot


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Appreciate it man, I definitely feel the same about some of the stuff you first stated. I definitely wouldn't be as "happy" as I am without a lot of people in this community.


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I feel so bad. You always seem so jolly when I talk to you, I never would have thought. Thanks for telling everyone, it's good to open up. And btw, kudos to everyone on that list, you're making the world a better place just by being yourselves. And bt just know that if you're ever feeling down we as a community are here for you dude. thanks for saying this

I feel I should add this here too, people in the community are part of the reason why I'm still here today. Honestly you guys rule.
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Once we get to sort TTT's gaming experience, I hope you can enjoy playing a lot more there and meet even more fun people! The guys mentioned above (most of which are also my friends) are amongst the best people you can encounter still around here, and there are some more that you can encounter, so good choice! :>

(P.S: When you join the other servers just type: TTT > Any Servers) >:D


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<3 appreciate you lots. always here for you if you need anything. love all of you guys :(

EDIT: thank you to you as well and anyone and everyone that talks to me/puts in effort. like bt said just talking to someone goes a long way. i appreciate all of you and any of you that try with me especially knowing me, I’m surprised a lot of you still are the sweetest to me. love you guys more than you could imagine thank y’all for giving me somewhere where i don’t feel alone
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Alright how did Kuantum and Bort get on this?

But all jokes aside, anytime bro. EGO has helped many people meet new people and I'm sure that they are all grateful for this. Thanks [MENTION=103783], I'm glad we get to make your day better. :)
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Hey buddy I'm glad you found your safe haven ! If you want to talk to someone about anything you can join me on teamspeak my doors always open


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Man you going to make me cry b t , your post is very wholesome, i enjoy playing games with you, your laugh is the most contagous thing youve got during this covid, i too am the same, was severely depressed growing up and had/have still anxiety when meeting people, i tried to be someone who i wasnt just to fit in, when i too joined egO i knew some people from pG but not fully, then i just played and met some amazing friends, who i play with as always... ShoutOut to Damon Darling heidi grumpy_Kitten Amethyst EDisch222 and many more that will be impossible to list. Thanks for being a good community
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