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Well I was changing the coolant in my system today, and it appears that some leaked onto my motherboard possibly. It will no longer do anything when I push the power button, so it will be fun trying to figure it out. If I cant figure it out tomorrow, I am going to either be selling the whole system as one, or part by part, and purchasing a gaming laptop. I will keep you updated on my status.
I never understood why people would want to put liquid in your computer.

they do that because the computer is thirsty, even i knew that :D
I used to water-cool. I stopped when my system sprung a leak, but not because the system died. I was using a water/anti-freeze mix and I was afraid that if the dogs found the leak before I did, they'd die. So I promised the wife that when/if the system ever leaked, I'd yank it all out.

I was fortunate that neither the system nor the dogs suffered as a result of the leak. If anyone is interested in trying watercooling, here's a link so that others may learn from my experience.
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and purchasing a gaming laptop


Just my opinion, but...

Even after all these years, I find that putting the word "gaming" in front of the word "laptop" is somewhat amusing. Sure, you can now get decent CPUs and up to 2gb in a laptop, but the all-important graphics system is almost always severely lacking (or it has been in the past, anyway). Typically, a laptop's GPU chipset shares memory with the system, reducing the amount of RAM available to the game. Further, system RAM isn't nearly as fast as video RAM, and this hampers GPU chipset performance.

Even coupled with a 24-inch monitor, I wouldn't consider any laptop to be gaming worthy. Of course, I'm old and am generally wary of "new-fangled" technology.

wow that sucks. I never understood why people would want to put liquid in your computer.


The only real reason you would want to do it is to cool severely over-clocked components. The "silent PC" reason doesn't hold water (sorry for the pun) since you need fans on your radiators and at least one pump.

I've found that keeping the inner case cool by introducing cool outside air and evacuating hot inside air is just as effective. Toward that end, you need a decent sized case and an appropriate number of properly placed high-efficiency quiet 120mm fans, as well as a decent cpu HSF.

I have two exhaust fans, and three intake fans, all volted down to the point that you can't hear them. I also have a massive case (18-inch aluminum cube). To say I don't have heat-related issues is an understatement.
My computer was overclocked a lot. I figured 30% for the processor and gpu was enough, but to do that I needed liquid cooling. Im going to examine the motherboard and see if I can do anything to fix it.
I'd be wary of only having a laptop for gaming. Should a problem arise, which will happen on laptops, it's harder to deal with than a normal desktop.