April Community Newsletter


April Community Newsletter
5/14/20 | Artist: december | Writer: lofi, AbsurdTurd523, webby | Editor: webby | #edgegamers #media #community

April; a month filled with beautiful, blooming flowers and a beautiful, blooming community. We would like to thank each and every one of you for rallying together in order to help this community continue to strive and grow through these tough times. With summer right around the corner, we have many fun and exciting things planned for the near future! Moving on to the month of May, let's look over a successful month of April!


Server Specialist positions are open ~ go here for more information. Meet Peloc, one of our EC managers! *Exciting* things are coming shortly, keep your eyes peeled for articles regarding CS!

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 is actively looking for those interested in joining our Event Coordinating and Recruitment Teams! If you are interested in joining either, message Power_Outlet on the forums!

With the warm welcome back to EdgeGamers, GMOD has already spread its wings with the Zombie Survival server. While there is no confirmed date for Garry's Mod events to start happening, it will be soon™️. Our first event will be the highly requested M̶e̶l̶o̶n̶b̶o̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ Morbus! We are also looking for members interested in Garry's Mod EC team, positions will be open soon™️.! FearShop is coming to ZS! Sometime soon, a pointshop based system (FearShop) will be implemented to the ZS server (more info coming soon).

The GTA Team has introduced a new fleet of LSPD Vehicles to aid the Police Department. As well as vehicles for the police department, new civilian cars have also been added to the mix, bringing some exciting new potential for GTAV civilians. Lastly, GTA has promoted Ciggy to Manager!

Media Team
Media is recruiting! If you are wondering how else you can get involved in the community, go to this post for more info on how you can join Media (Video Editors, Interviewers, Artists, Writers, Socials, etc).

Member Services
Aidan has been promoted to Support Manager, and Divine has been promoted to Sr. Manager! MS is continuing to host events, with an even greater variety of games. We've expanded our roster of available games to host, so be on the lookout for some new events! Also, Movie Nights are here - alternating between regular and anime nights. Check this post for more info.

Be on the lookout for Minecraft Events! They should be up and running shortly, so keep your eyes on the forums. If you haven't been trained in Minecraft, Butterlover and PickleZ will be hosting admin classes!

The Rust Team has been incorporating several new plugins to bring new fun events to our Helicopter PVP server. The Raidable Base, Juggernaut, and Gun Game events have been pushed to the server to give exciting new PVP centers. Each of these new events provides their own unique sets of loot to reward players for their participation.

Team Fortress 2
We're happy to announce some promotions that happened during the month of April. Serialistic and Exalted R053 were promoted to eG, DXLGSaber was promoted to eGO, & WeaponizedBattleToaster and PastryFoxy were promoted to EC!

World of Warships
We now have a War Thunder Squadron - * 3DG *. Houndini has been promoted to Executive Officer, be sure to congratulate them! Also, Warships Clan Battles are ending soon, stay tuned for next season. Keep grinding those T10 Warships and Rank 6 Tanks!

Currently there is no news from the Battlefield team.


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