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This thread will be a handbook for players who have never played Gmod Zombie Survival before. On the surface the gamemode seems so simple, you shoot the zombies, you hide in a cade, you die and you become the zombie, but looks can be deceiving, zombie survival is a very engaging gamemode, and as a new player you will have a lot of questions.

Avoiding becoming the Initial Zombie

So it's your first time playing Zombie Survival. The first round has yet to begin and there are no zombies yet, You chose your initial loadout, but you notice your name is on the list of initial zombies. In order to avoid being on this list you must run as far away from the zombie spawn as possible. The zombie spawn are the spots on the map covered in green gas, there are sometimes more than one so while you run from one, you may be running towards another. Some maps are easier to run away from spawn, others are not.For the most popular map, abandoned mall, the best place to run is the back of BestBuy. On maps with bot support this generally won't be applicable and you will only be zombie if you volunteer or die somehow.
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Escaping into a Barricade
When you approach a barricade that another human has made, press Z to begin phasing into the cade. Make sure you are safe when you start phasing because you cannot defend yourself, and zombies can still hit you until you are out of reach.

Arsenal and Resupply Crates

When a teammate places an arsenal or a resupply crate you can access it by walking up to it and pressing E. You can only buy weapons and ammo if you have enough points. Between Waves, players may purchase from the Arsenal Crate with a 20% Discount.

If you buy an arsenal crate in your initial loadout, be sure to protect it whenever you place it because zombies can permanently destroy it, dooming the Human Team. Press shift to pick up your arsenal or any other deployable in order to keep it from being destroyed.

Resupply Crates will give you Ammunition for the gun you have equipped. To change this, hold ALT and click the dropdown on the right side to switch what ammunition you will receive.

Changing Zombie and Boss Class

When you become a zombie, you default to a regular zombie, as rounds go on you gain access to more powerful zombie classes. In order to change your zombie class you press F3. You can also change your boss class in this menu, the change boss button is on the top left of the zombie select screen

What zombie class should I choose?

There is a time and place for every zombie class, be sure to choose wisely.

Regular Zombie - The best class to choose Wave 1 to deal the most damage. One tip when there are spawn killers at zombie spawn is to stack up and attack as a pack. Humans gain no points from shooting zombies that haven't left spawn, so they will normally not shoot until you leave.

Headcrab / Fast Headcrab - These are ankle biters that deal small amounts of damage. I advise against using the headcrab too often because it doesn't do too much for the zombie team. That being said, if you are cunning, escape zombie spawn and wander the map, you can find a lone human and deal a good amount of damage if they are not prepared. They are also good for finishing off a human that has very low health inside a cade.

Ghoul - The ghoul has less health and does less damage than a normal zombie, but is slightly faster and can apply "ghoul touch" to a human upon hitting them, lowering their resistance and raising the amount of damage other zombies can do to that human.

Flesh Creeper - Essentially, the flesh creeper is the spawn point creator for the zombie team. They are not good for fighting and are only recommended for creating a zombie spawn as close to the humans cade as possible. Once you create the spawn point, switch to another class.

Wraith - Semi-transparent zombie that deals 40 damage per hit and becomes nearly invisible when you walk slowly (shitft+walk). The Wraith is very good for the end of a round when zombies can no longer respawn because they can pressure humans not to leave the cade. They are also very strong in the sense that they are the best zombie class when it comes to prop-killing humans.

Fast Zombie - Once 75% of the humans are dead, or on Wave 3, the fast zombie is unlocked. fast zombies are good for killing runners, but not so good for destroying cades UNLESS the cade happens to be on a higher level and the fast zombie can break in through windows that the humans failed to fortify or defend.

Bloated Zombie - Once a spawn point is created outside a cade, the best way to destroy the cade is to stack up as bloated zombies and attack as a team. Bloated Zombies have the second-highest health behind the Poison Zombie (which isn't unlocked until wave 4). Note they are slow, and not good for killing runners.

Poison Zombie - The poison zombie is the best zombie when it comes to destroying the cades since they have the highest health and more speed than the bloated. Their secondary fire spits a burst of poison that deals varying amounts of damage depending on how much poison lands on the humans.

Poison Headcrab - Essentially the zombie sniper, poison headcrab can deal 15 damage per spit to humans, if you land a headshot it will disorient the Human, making it nearly impossible to aim or shoot. This tactic can be used to temporarily weaken the human team's ability to fend off zombies attacking the cade. It is recommended that the zombie team only has a few poison headcrabs. Too many will mean that the zombie team isn't dealing enough damage to the actual cade.

Boss Zombies

- Has a large amount of health and hits like a tank. Is not particularly fast and is recommended more for cade destroying as opposed to killing runners.

Butcher - Faster than most humans and deals a lot of DPS(damage per second). The Butcher recommended for killing runners, but dies too easily when attacking cases. The Butcher has a smaller health pool than most other bosses.

Shade - The prop-killing boss, the shade can pick up and fling props into humans. Doing this does require a lot of practice. Shade only takes damage from flashlights and absorbs bullets, so it is a very good boss for destroying cades since zombies can stack up behind the shade while the shade shields most of the bullets, allowing the zombies to deal a ton more damage per life to the cade. To collect and throw props, you right-click to lift and left-click to launch. Heavy props like Vending Machines and Couches will always perform the best in eliminating Humans.

Pukepus - Spits large amounts of poison on humans, but is slow and bad for killing runners. Pukepus is best used in the situation where a cade is created that leaves humans very exposed to zombie spit, and can force them back or kill them. A good example of when to use the PukePus is when the Humans have built a barricade in a wire-fence area, and have not barricaded to cover the exposed area.

Giga Gore Child - Giga Gore is the one zombie I cannot recommend using, especially to a new player. Essentially what it does is fling baby zombies that can be controlled by other members of the zombie team. That being said, it requires a ton of coordination amongst the team, and usually, other bosses will be more effective at doing any job.

Bonemesh - Bonemesh spits balls of "gibs" that explode. these gibs can heal zombies attacking a cade, and can also be lobbed into cades to damage humans. Note, while Bonemesh can deal a good amount of damage he isn't usually the ideal zombie in most situations, he is more of a support boss to heal the zombies attacking the cade and other bosses.


As a human, when running outside of a cade you must always be aware of your surroundings. Zombies can hit certain props at high velocity in order to prop-kill you. Wraiths are the typical prop-killers since they can hide behind props without being seen and wait for a target to walk by. In order to prevent being prop-killed, never walk in a straight line, move unpredictably, and shoot a bullet anywhere you may suspect a Wraith to be hiding, such as behind a conspicuous paint can in the open.

As a zombie, prop-killing is easy to learn but difficult to master. Only certain props that aren't too heavy, or too light can successfully kill a human, velocity is key. Essentially all you have to do is find your prop, swing at the prop and before the swing is complete, move your cursor towards the target in order to change the direction the prop will fly.

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Post-wave / Intermission is the best time to go Wraith and attempt to prop-kill. If there are enough wraiths it pressures Humans not to leave their cade since prop-kills are so deadly and unpredictable.

Destroying Cades

The best way to destroy cades is to work as a team and focus on specific props, that way you damage the props faster than they can be repaired. Pay attention to the round timer, if there is less than 10 seconds left in the round, it's better to retreat if you have full health. Once all the zombies die post-wave, humans will get the opportunity to leave the cade to rebuild, so its best to never give them the chance.

I hope that these tips will help you guys get used to the Gamemode! If there are any other tips you feel new players should know right away, feel free to tell me and I will update the post. :)
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