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Hi All,

Since I have no clue who people are in this game anymore, we're going to have a join procedure for members in eGO joining the clan. If you submit an application to join the clan we will assume that you have done these things.

eGO Member
  1. Put your ign in this thread
  2. Have a minimum ship tier of T5 or higher

Non-eGO Member
  1. Have at least a T8 Tech Tree ship or higher
  2. Have at least 750 battles

If you have sent an application to join from this point on, please put your IGN in this thread as a reply, if not, we will hold you to the Non-member standards.

If you do not meet these requirements, we will reject your application to join regardless of rank here on eGO.

To continue being a member in the clan, we require a couple of things.
  1. At least 1 battle every 7 days for the first month of membership on a rolling 7-day timeframe
  2. 1 Battle every month after the first month on a 31-day timeframe (Technically you can play 1 battle on the first of a month, and go inactive until the end of the month after.)
  3. Continued effort to get a T10 ship

Inactivity will be reviewed by Executive Officers on a Case-by-Case Basis (If required)

If you do not uphold these requirements, we will remove you from the clan (Unless there are extenuating circumstances, I.E: Deployment, Family troubles, etc. All reasons except "I don't want to play anymore" are valid.) If there are extenuating circumstances, please tell an Executive officer, and we will pass it on to the team to make sure we don't kick you. If you do not want to talk with any Executive Officer or Manager, Please tell M4A1-S#2870 on discord and he will keep this matter private.

EGO2 Requirements. (Regardless of rank on eGO)

  1. One T5 Ship
  2. 200 battles
  3. Active in 1 battle per month

All members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects our community, respectful, playful, and supportive.
Any members found to be disrespectful, racist , or otherwise unbecoming of a respectful player will be issued 1 warning first. Then further action may be taken after management considerations of the offense. If it is a bannable offense on eGO, we WILL PURSUE IT TO THE FULLEST EXTENT

Aside... we are all playing a game after all some smack talk, general poking at each other, and messing around is fine but please keep it reasonable.

Updated 6/13/2020: EGO2 Requirements added.
Updated 6/19/20: Updated so discord and forums match
Updated 6/29/20: Changed min battle requirements for non-ego members
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i was once a young adventurer like you .. - chicken .. he said that made me laugh.. skyrim flashbacks.
imagine.. a guy you never meet killing you from long range.. people that " play the game" will know what im talking about... chicken makeing me giggle .. bro.. im laughing now. about to go play skyrim..
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