forum problem

Mr. Chair -TR-

EGO Zealot
I'm not sure why I'm even posting this, because of the problem, but whenever I post in a thread at this site, I cant go back and view the thread again. It wont load.

Now that I post this I wont be able to view any replies, but maybe if someone knows the problem they could PM it to meh.

Thanks. =[
I edited your profile.

Please do not have a huge sig(s) of a movie(youtube). That just won't work %-6 :p

Just keep your signiture size to a limit.

The Metacafe link made the problem.

OK, now I'm thoroughly confused.

I had my small DoD gif sig, with the sniper bobbing up and down, and then I just put a link to a song on putfile below it.

I'm just confused... How big was the pic? or what the heck is going on here? Explain what I had as my sig. o.o; I'm totally lost.