Let's Share Some Tunes!



Hooooooooowdy Edge Gamers! With all the time we have had to ourselves these past months, have you listened to any new, old and or AMAZING songs recently?

Drop a link to your song, and let's share some good tunes!

Recently I have been listening to

Waitin' To Die By Useful Jenkins Which is just delightful IMO

Looking for a hot BEAT? Well I have been enjoying this song aswell!

Stop It By Fisher

Maybe looking for something more classical, and or instrumental?

Racing Against The Sunset By Philip Wesley

Now let's see what tunes everyone has!

My headphones await! :thumbup:
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Not to uhh, ruin your hopes but there's already a pretty big thread of music if you want to take a look though (It is like 100 pages, lol.)

I've been listening to Soldiers of the Wastelands by Dragonforce (Same guys who made through fire and flames)

A lot of Sabaton, mostly their Heroes Album.

And a bit of Porter Robinson, Mainly Shelter.

No Hopes Ruined M4A1-S ! Looking to get a new thread started! :thumbup:

and can never go wrong with some dragon force ;)