Poor Brick

Hey guys, I just moved out of my mother in laws place and got a house in the country in Manitoba. I have a problem though!! I cant find a good way to get high speed, there is wireless around but the set up is ridiculus ($1000 set up, $300 activation fee, $54/month for high speed lite!!) If anyone has ideas for me please pm me!!

Ouch dude...no DSL, no cable? Sounds like wireless is your only option. That's a real rape of a deal, I can't believe they can get away with that.
Get a government grant... Call it " Guns and the Internet "
Your paper will read... It's a Blast... :D
Who knows.. that may be good for 50K
Consider this.. they pay people to measure the cow Flatulence !ill
umm get dual phone lines and 56k isp service so you get 112 K its pretty good for that but for about 100$ its pricy
Brick - yeah, that's something you can totally do. Before the days of high speed leased lines, many places used multiple dial-up lines as WAN links.

The best part? Windows supports it out of the box - here's a link to a MS KB article on setting it up http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307849 All you need is two modems and two phone lines.