June Royal Rumble


June Royal Rumble | June 27th, 2020
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With another win by Leadership, they're back to defend their title! Join us on June 27th, 2020 for the next TF2 Royal Rumble. With 2 straight W's from Leadership, it might be time to be dethroned. Best of luck gamers!

Event Date: June 27th, 2020
Event Time (EST): 9:00pm
Event Server IP:
Event Server Password: Will be handed out on TeamSpeak!

"What is Royal Rumble ?"
Royal Rumble is Leadership versus Non-Leadership battling it out for dominance!

"What map will we play?"
The last Royal Rumble was won by leadership and they selected the map "Sunshine"!

"How do I play?"
Only 2 Engineers Per Team (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Playing on a sentry infested map is not fun, so we've limited the number of engineers per team to only 2

Only 2 Medics Per Team (NO EXCEPTIONS)
Uber chains are not fun to play against, so Medics are also limited to 2 per team

You MUST Be In TeamSpeak
The server for the event will have a password, and you will not be given the password unless you are in the TeamSpeak. A Royal Rumble also relies a lot on teamwork, so losing because you have no communication with your team (due to you not being in the TeamSpeak) is not fun for anyone. Leadership will be in one channel, and non-leadership will be in another channel. When it is time for the event to start, a member of LE will join the non-leadership channel and give you the password.

Dominated by ANYONE on the Leadership Team? You MUST leave the server.
This event is one of our most popular, and many people from our different games come to participate. If you get dominated, you must leave the server so it gives another person a chance to participate in the Royal Rumble. You ARE allowed to rejoin after being dominated, but if you do not leave you will be kicked from the server.

"Are there any prizes?"
1. The first person to dominate leadership will get a prize, and there will be other prizes given out as well, so watch for trade requests from DrkChocolate.

2. The winners choose the next map. At the end of the June Royal Rumble, whoever comes out victorious will be able to choose what map the next Royal Rumble is played on!

After the event, we will make a post for you to put your map choices (the leadership forum or in the TF2 forum depending on who wins). The map needs to be either a standard TF2 map, a Steam workshop map, or one we already have loaded on the event server. If there is not a consensus after a week, we will take the ones suggested and make a vote.

The TF2 Leadership Team will be coordinating this event. If you have any questions please forward them to TF2 Leadership. We hope to see you there!
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