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what did they change and what did they add?
They added a new Hibana,
They added a new kapkan her boombox destroys your inner ears and you can't do much while in that radius and you can't shoot her boombox to shut it off
They said they're gonna fix audio by reworking it
They re-did house and its much better now

That's really the only important things tbh


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I've played for a bit now and have some thoughts:
Melusi is stupid good. Her gadget is basically barbed wire + proximity alarm. She's gonna be banned in ranked almost everytime.
Ace is fun to play and I think fairly well balanced. His gadget isn't a substitute for a Thermite or Hibana, but it has its uses and its counterable pretty easily.
House rework is poggers.
Remove Tower and Chalet
Buff Warden