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The top richest players on the server have all said to me 'You got to spend big money to get big money'.

To move your money onto Events, go to /warp ec and trade an End Portal Frame with the villager to get the
Gold Nugget worth 80,000 tokens
You can turn in a Dragon Head for 25,000 tokens

Once you have one you, go to an MC EC or me (Tea) and we will add the tokens to your balance on Events
Event tokens can be used to buy thing on the Event Server as well as the 1.16 server to buy an elytra, gold blocks, spawn eggs and spawners etc

Go through all your storage and clean out your house cause...soon...and I mean soon
and check player shops and get ready to make some money.

Fill up a shulker with full stacks of any of these items listed below THEN hand it to me or any of my ECs, GrumpyCatJen, Redvan, Soupy, or Vincent and they will give you the award for it

Item Award

Allium - Nether Star x1
Andesite - Nether Star x1
Anvil - Enchanted Golden Apple x2
Arrow - Nether Star x1
Azure Bluet - Nether Star x1
Baked Potato - Nether Star x1
Beacon - Dragon Head x12
Bedrock - Enchanted Golden Apple x9
Bell - Enchanted Golden Apple x6
Blast Furnace - Nether Star x3
Blue Orchid - Nether Star x1
Bookshelf - Nether Star x2
Bread - Nether Star x1
Bricks - Nether Star x1
Chorus Flower - Nether Star x4
Clock - Enchanted Golden Apple x1
Coal Block - Nether Star x1
Cobweb - Enchanted Golden Apple x2
Compass - Nether Star x5
Conduit - Dragon Head x4
Steak - Nether Star x1
Cooked Chicken - Nether Star x1
Cooked Porkchop - Nether Star x1
Cookie - Nether Star x1
Cornflower - Nether Star x1
Daylight Sensor - Nether Star x2
Dried Kelp Block - Nether Star x1
Dropper - Nether Star x1
Emerald Block - Enchanted Golden Apple x2
Enchanting Table - Enchanted Golden Apple x3
End Crystal - Nether Star x6
End Rod - Nether Star x2
Ender Chest - Nether Star x1
Bottles o'Enchanting - Enchanted Golden Apple x2
Fire Charge - Nether Star x4
Flint - Nether Star x2
Flower Pot - Nether Star x1
Glistering Melon - Nether Star x2
Gold Block - Nether Star x20
Golden Apple - Enchanted Golden Apple x6
Golden Carrot - Nether Star x2
Granite - Nether Star x1
Jukebox - Nether Star x13
Dried Kelp Block - Nether Star x1

Lapis Block - Nether Star x14
Lecturn - Nether Star x1
Lily of the Valley - Nether Star x1
Lily Pad - Nether Star x2
Loom - Nether Star x1
Magma Block - Nether Star x2
Melon Block - Nether Star x1

Mossy Stone Bricks - Nether Star x2
Name Tag - Enchanted Golden Apple x2
Orange Tulip - Nether Star x2
Oxeye Daisy - Nether Star x1
Pink Tulip - Nether Star x2
Pufferfish - Nether Star x5
Pumpkin Pie - Nether Star x2
Quartz Block - Nether Star x4
Red Nether Brick - Nether Star x2
Red Tulip - Nether Star x2
Red stone Block - Nether Star x1
Red stone Lamp - Nether Star x3
Scaffolding - Nether Star x1
Spectral Arrow - Nether Star x2
Sticky Piston - Nether Star x8
Stripped Acacias Log - Nether Star x1
Stripped Oak Log - Nether Star x1
TNT - Nether Star x3
White Tulip - Nether Star x2
White Wool - Nether Star x1

Any Color Concrete
Nether Star x1 (but no mix matching in a single shulker, must all be one color)

Any Color Glazed Terracotta -
Nether Star x1 (but no mix matching in a single shulker, must all be one color)

Any Block of Coral -
Enchanted Golden Apple x3

Can turn in a max of 18 shulkers of each item
Please hand them to me or any of my EC/APPS members

You can turn your nether stars into beacons and sell them at /warp ec BUT there are players who buy them for more at /shops (or save them up for the beacon shulker)

You can sell your Enchanted Golden Apples to player shops for quick money but you can make more money by saving up to trade for an End Portal Frames and selling them.

You still make decent money if you buy from PLAYER shops, but you obviously make 100% profit doing it on your own. (they might not sell the item but they might sell what you need to make it)

**sorry the list is not straight...for your troubles of figuring it out, come find me and I'll add 3 levels of fortune on your pickaxe so you can buy all of Dezys ore, breaking it and take his money by selling the Blocks back to him <3
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