Woohoo we're getting a new server! Discuss here.


I'm very excited to hear about the new server coming soon!
I thought I would just make a forum for everyone to discuss which map they would prefer and why.
I'm not sure who it's up to, or if we e's get a say, but I figured why not? Personally I'm a big anzio fan, because it's smaller, but even on both sides. Lots of ways to go to help spread out large numbers of players, and spots for every type of gun without being cheap. I'm not sure if it will be 32 player server or not so that could have some factor to it. But i'm just assuming it will be.

Kalt seems like it would be a little crazy to have so many people on. In my playing, it's been a very hard map to win even for 12 on 12 matches.

I'd like to hear some argument for argentan. I've never personally been a fan. Awkward middle flag, and no really special paths or spots to enjoy. But thats just me.

Flash has always just frustrated me because of the middle flag where both teams HAVE to go through, 9 times out of 10 you just get blown to peices by grenades.
A tad frustrating.

That's my opinion, I hope everyone else will share theirs also. Here's to getting a new server!
dang cant think of name of the map at the moment, its like a town with railroad tracks i think. yeah and i think it would be cool to have a server with realism mods. i played on one today and its pretty fun.
I'm leaning on either Anzio or Kalt. When I used to be a noob and went on some server with hackers I hated it. But that was when I didn't know anything about DoD. Now I wanna try again.




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To be honest I haven't really played many maps outside of the eGO servers so I don't know any good ones!
I want a rotation between Donner, Ava, Flash, Kalt, and Anzio.

They are all solid maps!

Of course, if someone could port the real hill to source... *cough*
I really dont play outside of ava but when i do i only play orange maps. So i really dont know which map i would like.
[quote1180161209=WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA!!!]



Agreed 200%

agreed to his 200% with 200%. THats like 400%


I've played most DoD maps and here are some of my thoughts assuming it will be another 32 man server.

1. Flash -- Popular but not very practical with 32 players. More suited for 8 v 8. Main road would be too congested.

2. Argentan -- Would be a great map for a 32 man server. Rifles would have room to play, assault and heavy could fight in apts. Snipers and mgs are great for that map too.

3. Jagd -- Who doesn't like blowing things up? Big enough for 32 players.

4. Anzio -- Imo most popular map after donner and avalanche. Similar to avalanche in gameplay. Slightly axis biased but would not be too congested with 32 players. In fact, it would be a great carnage map. Imagine the fighting over the plaza...

5. Kalt -- My only reservation about kalt is that it is not a very popular map.

I vote anzio
my 2 cents: be different from the other 2 servers and have a map rotation, but with Argentan, Anzio, and one other. I don't think we should venture into a realism mod, because it really changes the dynamics of the game.

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