REALISM: DoD:s Reunion


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Hey everyone,

Anyone fancy a Realism Night?

I know many of you don't check this forum frequently anymore so we can plan this for way into the distance and set up a WhatsApp group or something?

Let's get the gang back together.


EDIT: Set up a discord for this here: <- For the eGO realism reunion
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If we can wrangle enough people I’d be interested. Although the last few we tried to do we had a hell of a time even getting like 5 people online at once.

but if we see some interest... let me know.
Well I made it this far.

Anyone know where Q-tip is?

Also if we can get 12 at least, we can do competitive probably easier than doing 32 mans
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Looks like we have enough interest! Got a discord set up for this. Please join to stay up to date!

Please add any folks you are still able to contact! It will be a big help.
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