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hi guys

i want to talk about something very cool: robots!

i think robots are very interesting!!!uwuw

i personally find a lot regarding robotics to be very intriguing, its always fun to see how they develop as technology evolves. speaking of robots, amazon recently rolled out (hahaha, get it?) some of their delivery robots to more major US cities :DDDDDDDDD

every year when CES comes around the corner, I always make sure to pay attention to the latest developments in robotics. so lets use this thread to discuss interesting things, theories, and predictions about robotics :)


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I guess I will @Maruchan ...

Robotics is a wide field that can be anything from mechanical engineering to computer science to anything else that relates to the operation of machines that would be classified as robots.

The robots that Maru shared earlier would be classified as AI robots, except for the Amazon one. Any robot that is tasked with performing human tasks like a human would probably is based on Artificial Intelligence, which is also paired with machine learning. Only a small amount of robots are AI-based, but they are the most outstanding and impressive out of most robots. The delivery robots are quite interesting, actually. The way the one that maru pictured I assume would be based on a Traffic-Aware Route System. When it boils down, the Robots are purely programmed to go from point A to point B, but it needs to be aware of traffic lights, lane changes, accidents, sudden stops, and anything that can really happen in the road, which takes a lot of sensors, cameras, and intensive programming. But from what I've seen, I think that they are eventually going to be incorporating machine learning into the robots so they can detect traffic patterns, more efficient routes, and many more things that will eventually be smart enough to outplay the humans (more so than they already do).

I guess since we're tagging people, I believe @CoreyCole101 knows more about robots than I do so he can bring in his opinion to this shitpost


(Sorry if I rant I just love building stuff and talking about robotics) So here's a little background of myself, I basically design and make robots (mainly mechanical engineering). I've been doing it since the 6th grade. I have always loved building things and when L was 6 and made a wind powered Lego car without instructions XD, I build small to human sized robots basically year around every year that can do multiple tasks just like in this topic about Amazon robots that deliver packages. Now back on the topic I keep tabs on all new technology advances in the world for example Boston Dynamics, Space X, Amazons drone package prototypes, and etc. My guy Nitrospam is correct robots are specifically programmed to go to A to B, there is although a Artificial Intelligence robot named Sophia that can sorta think on its own and answer questions like siri but with more complex programming and mechanical/electrical equipment, Sophia in a way can indeed think and remember faces and etc. As robots get more advance by the year future robots will probably have the Asimov's Three Laws in the programming. For those who doesn't know what Asimov's Three Laws are a robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the first law. These laws would prevent the terminator to become a real thing XD. There is probably a better way to prevent this but this is what I think will be injected into the programs of robots in the future. I can probably go on and on but this is already long enough. Conclusion I think robots are going to keep advancing no matter what just like how Boston Dynamics, and SpaceX are doing (in that sense building the new space ship star ship, which is post to make us a multi planetary species and revolutionize space exploration). Highly recommend checkout out Boston Dynamics when it comes to humanoid robots and AI.

Thank You @nitrospam for showing me this post, very interesting seeing others views on Engineering and AI
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