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1.15 Shop Designing Contest

Design the best shop to earn a special prize in 1.16! All you have to do is design a fabulous shop, and as long as you follow the rules (below), you should be entered into the contest. :)
I will pay for the shop for 1 week. You can get ANY SIZE shop, so get them quick before they're gone.
There will be 3 groups voting: MC Leadership, EC/APPS, and a Forums poll.

1) Build the shop within 72 hours of his post going live
2) Place a sign in front of your shop with your Forums name and In-Game-Name (to ensure people who don't want to be entered aren't entered)
3) Shop most include at least 1 chest shop; think of creative ways of doing this
4) EC's/Apps can enter, but cannot vote for themselves (I am not entering, my shop is an example)
5) If you get money from me to buy a shop, YOU MUST BUY A SHOP

There will only be 1 winner that will be announced on the forum voting post, and the prize will not be disclosed until 1.16.

~Good luck and happy building>:


eGO Addict
Sounds like fun! I might just hop on and do it myself!


EGO Addict
Can I enter my already existing shop? :) Or shall i build a new one as pr. rule 1?