Accepted Public Safety Application - Owen Wicker


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Los Santos Police Department
Character Full Name:
Owen Wicker
Your Timezone:
Preferred Shift:
6:00 PM-10:00 PM
What's your character's backstory?:
Owen grew up in Vice City with his two brothers and younger sister. His father was away a lot with work, and his mother had to support her four children basically alone. Owen spent a lot of time working out, and ended up setting 3 state records for weightlifting at age 17. He got out of high school with no major plans, and decided to do 2 years of community college to get his associates degree in business. With no real interest to finish college and an urge to do something that he'll love, Owen took interest in the justice system.
Why is your character looking to join Law Enforcement?:
Owen has always liked watching police-involved TV shows, and he thinks that being a Law Enforcement Officer is his way to help people and uphold the law at the same time. His uncle worked for the Sheriff's Office for his entire career, and Owen has always looked up to him. He's looked at other career paths, but simply decided that Law Enforcement was the way to go.
Provide a brief description of your characters primary personality traits.:
Owen an extremely nice and thoughtful person, but can have a short temper in bad situations. He knows how to put his mind to things, and is a very good problem solver. Owen always tries to help others before himself.
Do you have a criminal record?:
Do you have traffic infractions?:
Have you held a position in Emergency Services previously?:
Why are you joining the selected department?:
Owen has always been very interested in law enforcement in itself, and he is a city guy. He likes the fleet of LSPD and from who he's met in the city he also likes the people. Owen feels as if he has a duty to protect and serve this city, and he thinks that being part of the Los Santos Police Department will allow him to fulfill that duty.
Please provide us with one single reason you are the right for this department.:
I am extremely dedicated and will put 110% into everything I do.
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Owen Wicker,

Thank you for your interest in the San Andreas Department of Public Safety. The recruitment team has received your application for the Los Santos Police Department. After reviewing your application, we have determined that we would like to proceed with your application to an interview. Please connect to our TeamSpeak so you can complete your interview with one of our Human Resources officer.


Hours Of Operation: (Eastern Time Zone)
Monday-Sunday: 12:00pm-11:00pm

If you wish to interview outside those hours, please reach out to a member of Human Resources.

If needed, you can reach me via discord: Audrey#6310

Although we appreciate your interest, your application may be canceled if you do not take action within 72 hours (3 days).

Samantha Hicks

Los Santos Police Department
SADPS Human Resources
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