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Yankee wit no brim

- Yankee <3
Welp today’s so far on shift has been a blast! We had a civilians airport fire crew’s come out and train on our air plane trainer and let me say it was hot hot hot! Here are some pictures

also Yankee face reveal O_O he do need a haircut tho.

if you guys like this kind of stuff I’ll definitely post more pictures of air force firefighting!

If you have questions about Air Force firefighting or air force in general feel free to ask :)

-Yankee <3


Yankee wit no brim

- Yankee <3
Pretty cool! Are those planes like real/old? or are they just testing dummies?
its not a real plane it’s just built to look like one it’s a gas operated trainer plane we use it for exterior fires like the ones in the photo also there’s an interior where we practice interior aircraft fires it’s extremely hot they said those fires were around 600-700 degrees and it wears you out quick hahaha