Poster Extraordinaire
Ok guys, ive been having some issues lately with my game randomly freezing up and making the noises you get when you call people that still have dial-up and they are online...much represented as this WWWRREEEEEPPPPSSSHHHKKEERREEEEEYYYYY!!!! my game totally locks up and i have to completly reboot my system

Whats wrong!!!! Ahhh!
lol i've never heard of anything like this before! must be CREEPY!! i guess just clean out ur computer w/ adaware, spybot,virus scan, defrag, update all ur programs and drivers...and hope it fixes itself?? i dunno BOSSSSS
Could be *anything*, and that sucks. However, unless you've installed new drivers recently, it's probably a hardware issue.

Carefully clean all the dust and cat hair out of your system. Do this BEFORE moving to the following steps.

Open your box and remove the sound card, video card, and RAM sticks. Check for obvious damage (burn marks). Smell the cards and see if anything smells burned. If not, clean the contacts (a pencil eraser is good for this), make sure you clean all the eraser smegma off, and re-insert the cards.

Remove the HSF, clean the surface of the cpu and HSF off (and blow the dust out from between the fins), re-apply some thermal compound, and reinstall the HSF.

Remove the PSU and blow the dust out of it. Reinstall.

Leave the cover off the box, and turn it back on. Make sure all the fans spin up (including the one in your PSU if it has one). This should eliminate the possibility of heat-related issues.

If the screeching and lock-up still occurs, some piece of hardware in your system has gone south on you, but it *could be any component*.
well, this has been happening for a long time. And its none of those, i think its my mobo, only thing on my comp i havent uped
Well, im getting a new case so i can put my mobo in it, after that i will have new mobo and cpu. maybe that will clear things up
OK, the Dial-Up Gnomes have found you and are destroying your computer. I know how to fix this so your're in luck . There are three *easy* steps:

1) Burn down your house.

2) Buy a new house and set up your computer there.

3) Pray the gnomes never find you again.

That actually may be the speaker on the motherboard telling you something is VERY wrong. What CPU and motherboard do you have? If it isn't that then it may be that you have a broken piece of network hardware (router, modem, network card, etc), but it does sound like a motherboard related issue.
? I dont have dial up...i have high def FIOS...

And yes, it does seem like its a mobo issue, but i cant put my NEW mobo in with my NEW cpu until i get a new case
Cases are a dime a dozen. But, if you're looking for something more quiet, Antecs are usually the way to go, albiet more expensive.
i got a $300 thermatake va8000bws lcs (liquid cooling system) iposted some pics of it on bananas thread about his compu update
Well, it all changed now. I got my case couple days ago which means now, i have a WHOLE new setup,

New features to my previous system

Thermaltake Armor LCS Full-Tower
3 Fan Radiator
Asus MNE-2 SLI Deluxe Motherboard
Amd 64 X2 5000+
4 GB of OCZ 800MHz RAM
BFG 8800GTS 640MB OC

So, i recon my computer is as set as it will ever be. Make sure guys if you want to save money in the future, be sure to get a graphics card that is directx10 compatible and also a computer case that supports BTX motherboards
i was having the same prob then i found out it was a demon because every time i opened the cd drive door it would spray pea soup out of it. My suggestion call the ghostbusters.
i have a comp case (plain baige about 2 1/2 feet tall that through about 5 setups has lasted and its bullet proof from .22caliber (not joking)
point is get one that isnt necessarily spiffy just one that will last through many generations atleast til u have grandkids (well you get the point)
cases like this only cost about 50 -75 dollars and well worth it