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first, i apologize to the admins if the pictures are too large. i tried to scale them down, but they got really fuzzy and blurry.




shes about 7 weeks old, a little too young to be on her own now, but they people who sold her to us lied about her age (said she was 10 weeks). dont have a name for her yet, but we're still looking. if you have a SERIOUS name, by all means, post it, im all ears.

see ya guys and girls on the servers. laters :D

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Very nice how about Cookie Monster..cookie for sbort


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...and she's your new sister? You're going to have to include a picture of yourself. Do you have the same muzzle and paws? :p

Cute pup though!
lol redshift, how about Goldie?
I love labs, my old black lab was named Jackie. She was by far the best dog I ever had, maybe naming her jackie will give you my good dog luck ;)


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name her paige thats a good solid dog name


My sister has 2 retrievers.. they have chewed everything ( and I do mean everything ) including the water faucet in the back yard...
They have a fenced in back yard... she came home to find all her potted plants at the bottom of the pool... One word of advice
train the dog... and enjoy...
PS we have a cat... it's self cleaning..
Now on the other hand, our Pekingese has epilepsy, and it take Phenobarbatal daily...
What we won't do for our kids and pets...