Where is the place you would LOVE to visit/travel to.


birds are cool :)
I love to travel (Although during these times I cant).

I've always been fascinated by how strange and beautiful some areas are. I really would love to visit Venice / Italy.
I was originally born in Italy, in a town fairly close to Venice. We lived there for 3 years and then moved to America.

Where would you like to travel to?


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Spain, for sure. It was the most wonderful trip of my life and we went there last summer. I guess Spain is the country where I was born in my previous life. Otherwise, I have no idea how to describe my feelings when I visit Spain. It's a country full of brightness, full of flavours, colours and smiles. To be honest, our trip to Spain was not planned. One day I was reading this article about the dangers of countries around the world and came across the ads for Spain tours. So my wife and I ended up flying to Spain the following week. So yes, Spain is the country I'd like to go back to. OFFICIAL WESTGATE DISNEY AREA RESORTS WEBSITE