I GOT STABBED!!!!!!!!!

Ok here is the dealy-O, my freind I were playen with each other in this BORING class. Then, this other person joins in, and we double team my freind. Well, we're poking him with pencils one poke after another. He starts to laugh, gets excited, turns around, slams his hands down on me knee. Sadly, that hand had a pencil in it, and now, well, you know.
Hmmmm, sounds like someone is gunning to be on the Darwin Awards listings. I'd watch him if I were you :p
I've got the tip of a #2 pencil stuck under my skin in my right index finger from something like that. Thanks to messing around in Spanish 1 my freshmen year, it'll be with me forever.
I know someone with a full tip still stuck in their palm. Looks interesting ;P
When I was a kid I accidentally moved my hand down and stabbed myself with a pencil. The lead broke and lodged deep in the palm of my hand.

It's still there and has been for a few decades. No infection at all. If you look really hard, you see what looks like a dark shadow. Interestingly enough, that means the body can tolerate graphite.
[quote1180255107=ROCKET CHUMP]
LOL reminds me of that part in TALLEDEGA NIGHTS!! lol, good movie
The part where the strikes the knife(or whatever) on his leg? :)

MY bro stabbed me with a pencil when we were 10...right to the middle finger.....went almost through :) Tough pencil.
OUTBREAK, said "Did the pencil stay sticking out of your leg?" No cause he pulled it out as soon as he stabbed me. would of been cool though LOL!
Getting stabbed can't be as much fun as getting spaded tho...now we gotta test this theory out, who's down?
I'm up for it :D
when i was in kindergarden i was on the floor looking for something, i get up, a staple is all the way in my knee. so me being a beast, just yank it out, ablsolutly no noise
ohh man that sucks annoying.

i stabbed myself by accident when i was in third grade and i was shoving my pencils behind my desk and one tip stuck in my space between my index and thumb. and it's been with me since then.

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